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Talent concept

Character is first, only talent is suitable for work, ability to go up and down

Character firstCharacter, as the essence of talent, is the first step in considering talent.

Only talent is suitableBiyi only uses talents suitable for Biyi's development, not the best talents. Talents Suitable for Biyi Developmentwill cultivate himAnd improve the staff training system and career development channels, so that employees and enterprises grow simultaneously.

Can go up and downWhether it is a management position, an ordinary position or a technical position, it is better to implement the employment attitude of the capable and the mediocre.

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About Us

Employment principle

1. External introductionUnder the unified planning and management of the company, it continues to introduce middle and senior management talents and inject fresh blood.

2. Internal cultivation: Comprehensive training of professionals, management personnel, the establishment of talent echelon. Pay attention to the construction of internal management team and the training of internal grass-roots cadres, fully tap and utilize the company's internal training resources, through open recruitment and fair selection. Organize all kinds of professional training at the same time, carry out all-round skills and quality training for employees at different levels and stages, and the training covers every stage of development of managers, old employees and newcomers.