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Yuyao City Leaders Inspect Biyi Electric Appliances to Fully Restore Production and Life Order

On May 28, in order to inspect the comprehensive restoration of production and living order, members of the CPPCC Chairman's Meeting, the deputy director in charge of the municipal government, the main leaders of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the director of the CPPCC Office, the director of the Economic Committee, and some CPPCC members Came to Biyi Electric for inspection and investigation.


"Biyi Electric" market transformation out of the new pace of development

At present, many foreign trade enterprises affected by the worldwide epidemic, encountered orders shortage, return orders and other problems. However, in Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, there is such a foreign trade home appliance enterprises, the first quarter sales did not drop but increased, this is why? Let's look at the report sent back by the reporter.


Air fryer skyrocketing: new outlet for the home economy? Impulse consumption pseudo-demand?

At ordinary times, I don't cook very much. I usually deal with it in the restaurant downstairs or at the gate of the community. I occasionally have dinner with friends and colleagues, or I simply go home to order takeout food. I can not only eat while chasing the play, but also pose very comfortably. On the one hand, because of the busy work, I really don't have time to make trouble in the kitchen. On the other hand, I claim that I have no interest in cooking and no cooking skills.

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