Golden Crisp Steamed Bread Pieces

Like to eat steamed bread little cute collection! Steamed can do that! With the air fryer, let the simple steamed bread have gorgeous turn.



Steamed Bread 1
Bread Crumbs 100g
Black Sesame 20 grams
Eggs 1


1. Steam steamed bread, cut it into slices, and prepare one egg, bread crumbs and black sesame.

2. Stir the eggs evenly, wrap the steamed bread slices with egg liquid, then wrap the bread crumbs, put them into a plate, and sprinkle a little sesame seeds.

3. After preheating the air fryer at 180 degrees for three minutes, put the steamed bread slices into the pan.

4, set 180 degrees, 12 minutes, after baking for 6 minutes or so turn over, so a super delicious noodle is finished!

Golden crispy, full of flavor, a bite, crunchy!


You can sprinkle some of your favorite ingredients, such as salt, pepper, etc., quickly use your air fryer to make it!