Banana Crisp with Egg Tart Skin

This time, the egg tart skin was used to make a delicious dessert with bananas at home, which changed the simple ingredients and made both children and adults like to eat them.



egg tart skin several
Banana 2
Eggs Two
Black Sesame right amount


1) Prepare these ingredients.

2. Take out the egg tart skin from the refrigerator to defrost,Beat the eggs.

4, sliced bananas.

5. Put the banana into the egg tart skin.

6, egg tart skin pinch mouth.

7. Put it into an air fryer, brush a layer of egg liquid on the surface, and set it at 180 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

8. Pull out the frying basket in the middle for 5 minutes, turn over the surface and brush another layer of egg liquid.

9. Sprinkle sesame again.

10. Continue to bake.

11. When the time comes, it is finished. The room is full of fragrant smell.