Orange Pudding

Orange incense wraps every mouthful tender and soothes a bit of a full stomach, and the sweet pudding makes people sweet from the mouth to the heart.



Oranges Two
granulated sugar 25g
Eggs Two
Milk 35 ml
light cream 30 ml


1. Cut the orange in half and dig out the orange meat in the middle.

2. Juice the orange meat and filter out the pure juice without particles.

3. Boil the orange juice in a pan with low fire, concentrate it to about 80ml, add sugar from the fire, stir until it melts, and let it cool for later use. Turn the hollowed-out oranges upside down and wrap them in tin foil to prevent baking.

4. Pour the eggs into a bowl and stir them slightly. No need to beat them until they foam. Add milk and light cream to the egg liquid, stir well, and add orange juice several times and mix well.

5. Sift the pudding liquid to remove impurities and foam, pour it into oranges, and fill it with 8 minutes.

6, air fryer 180 degrees, 25 minutes. out of the pot into the refrigerator can be refrigerated for 10 minutes.