Flow Heart Purple Sweet Potato Toast Tower

Generally speaking, egg tarts and cheese tarts are served with crisp egg tart skin, which has a relatively high oil content. This time we made our own toast base with a comparative air fryer. It is healthy and delicious ~ purple sweet potato itself is rich in starch, and can also be directly used as the baby's staple food. The baked purple sweet potato stuffing is in a semi-flowing state, sweet, soft and glutinous.



Toast 2 tablets
fresh milk 100 ml
purple sweet potato Two
Cheese a piece


1. The ingredients are shown in the figure.

2. Peel the purple potato and cut it into purple potato chips with uniform thickness, and steam them in a steamer.

3. Cut off the four sides of the toast slice, and then press the slice of bread thinner with a rolling pin. Without a rolling pin, you can press it with a spoon just like Yiyi.

4. Put the steamed purple potato chips into the cooking machine, add appropriate amount of milk, and stir into paste. Place the compacted bread in a mold for baking small cakes, dented out and filled with purple potato puree and some cheese crumbs.

5. Finally, put it into a bi-yi air fryer and bake it at 180 degrees for 5 minutes ~ (baby is not suitable for toast that is too crunchy, please pay attention to the crunchiness of the bread!)