Garlic Taiwan Sausage

Sausage is a simple food preparation. Today, Taiwan garlic sausage is made.



Sausage Two
Garlic 1 head


1. One head of garlic and two sausages.

2. Tie the sausage evenly with a fork.

3. Slice garlic.

4. Set the air fryer to 200 degrees and preheat for 2 minutes.

5. Put the sausage in the air fryer.

6. Set the air fryer to 200 degrees for 6 minutes.

7, this is done, isn't it very simple? You can also dip it in your favorite sauce.

Baked sausages can be put into hand-held pancakes or sandwiches. Sandwiches are available in the menu on the home page. Next time, teach everyone to hand-held pancakes!