Soft Fried Potato Balls

There are many ways to eat sweet potatoes. Generally, the eating method is relatively simple and simple to bake directly. Today, we will sublimate it and make a soft fried potato ball for your reference. I believe you will fall in love with this delicious food and it is also a good idea to make delicious food.



sweet potato Two
Eggs Two
glutinous rice flour 50g
Bread Crumbs 80g


1. Prepare the ingredients.

2. Wash the sweet potato and take off its red coat.

3. Cut into segments and steam them.

4. Take out and mash into mud.

5. Add appropriate amount of glutinous rice flour.

6, plate into dough that can be formed into a ball.

7. Cut into small sections on the panel.

8, rub into a small ball.

9, wrapped in egg liquid.

10, stained with bread crumbs.

11, air fryer 180 degrees, 10 minutes.

12. Finally, squeeze tomato sauce, and a delicious soft fried potato ball will be made.