Pumpkin and walnut pudding



Little Pumpkin 1
Walnut 50g
Pudding right amount
condensed milk 30 grams
Honey 15 grams
Eggs 1


1. The ingredients are as follows.

2. Cut the pumpkin cover and clean the seeds.

3, steam with water to half cooked.

4. Beat the eggs.

5. Dig out the pumpkin meat.

6. Eggs into the bowl.

7. Add condensed milk and honey and stir well.

8. Sift the liquid.

9. Cut the pudding into granules and put it into the egg liquid.

10. Put it in the pumpkin container.

11, air fryer set 200 degrees, 20 minutes.

12. Put chopped walnuts into the pan, and then put a small mint, perfect.

This is done, super delicious!