Family Pizza

Family version of pizza, simple and delicious. If there are children in the family who are picky about eating and making a pizza, they will like it very much.



Pizza crust 1
Onion 1
Ham 1
Bacon a piece
Cheese, tomato sauce, olive oil right amount


1. The ingredients are shown in the figure. If there is no colored pepper, use green pepper instead.

2, pizza brush olive oil.

3, and then put on the tomato sauce.

4. Cut green pepper and colored pepper into strips.

5. Sliced ham and bacon.

6. Sliced onion.

7. Put the ingredients on.

8. Sprinkle the gaps with cheese.

9. Preheat at 170 degrees for two minutes.

Bake at 170 degrees for 6 minutes and 150 degrees for 4 minutes.