Fragrant Puff

Puffs can also be made at home! fragrant and delicious!



Eggs 3
cake flour a bowl
Butter 30 grams
white sugar right amount
Cream 50g


1. The ingredients are shown in the figure.

2. Mix butter, white sugar and water evenly.

3. Add cake powder and stir well.

4, stir, live into batter.

5. Beat three eggs.

6. Add it to the batter in three times. Add the first time and then stir well.

7. Add it for the second time and stir it evenly again.

8, the third time, turn into a uniform batter.

9. Put it in a decorating bag.

10, tin paper pad into the pot, squeeze into the air fryer.

11, air fryer 180 degrees, 15 minutes.

12, take out and wait for it to cool, then squeeze in the cream.

13, such a delicious puff is made, adults and children love to eat!