Fried eggplant box

The last time I taught you to make a roast string, today the roast eggplant came. The barbecue stall string and eggplant are the perfect partners. Look carefully!



Eggplant 1
meat stuffing 100g
Salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, pepper right amount
Starch, flour right amount


1) The food is ready.

2. Cut eggplant into wind-cut shape, and then cut into two sections.

3. Cut chopped green onion into meat stuffing, add salt, cooking wine, pepper, soy sauce and a small hand of starch.

4. Beat with your hands for one minute and beat for another minute.

5, will be stuffed into the eggplant meat.

6. Add four tablespoons of flour and two tablespoons of starch to the bowl, and then add one egg.

7. Stir, add water and stir into concentrated yogurt.

8 is probably like that.


9. Wrap eggplant with flour paste.

10, air fryer 180 degrees, 7-8 minutes.


11. Pull it out, turn it over, and bake it for 7-8 minutes.

The tomato sauce is squeezed out of the pan, perfect! Whether it's supper or lunch, it's okay!