Spicy Chicken

I have done it many times, and today I will teach you the spicy chicken method!


Chicken Leg Two
Eggs Two
Pepper, ginger, pepper right amount
Cooking wine, raw smoke, old smoke, salt, sugar right amount


Prepare the following ingredients.

2. Cut the chicken pieces into small pieces.

3, millet pepper chopped.

4. Cut ginger into filaments.

5. Two spoonfuls of cooking wine, three spoonfuls of raw wine and one spoonful of old wine.

6. Add appropriate amount of salt and sugar.

7. Add ginger.

8. Add spicy millet and pepper and mix well.

9. Seal with plastic wrap and refrigerate for more than half an hour.

10. Break the eggs.

11. Add the egg liquid and stir well.

12. Pinch away the juice and put it into an air fryer.

13. Set the air fryer to 200 degrees for 10 minutes.

14. Pull it out and bake it for another ten minutes.

15, the appearance is already very charming, looks very delicious.

It's edible and tastes great.