Birthday Cake

The air fryer can also make birthday cakes, so get the ingredients ready!



Eggs 4
Cream 50g
low gluten flour 150g
Salt, corn oil, granulated sugar 25g
Milk 100g
Mango, Blueberry right amount



1) Prepare the ingredients.

2. Separate the egg yolk and egg white into two bowls.

3, beat the egg yolk, add sugar, pour corn oil, stir.

4. Pour the milk.

5. Sift flour.

6. Beat the egg yolk until it turns white.

7. Add white sugar to the egg white.

8. Use an egg beater to send it until it is thick.

9. Pour into the egg yolk paste and stir well.

10. Put it into the cake bucket and seal the mouth with tin foil.

11. Set the cake mode of the air fryer, or 160 degrees, for about 35 minutes.

12, put on the cream, put on the fruit and chocolate.

So it's done!