Grilled Chicken Breast

Choose a piece of chicken breast and teach you a special dish today, "Phoenix Seeks Phoenix"



chicken breast 1 block
red dates Two
scallion, ginger and garlic right amount
Salt, pepper, cooking wine, edible oil right amount


1) Prepare the ingredients.

2, chicken breast incision, onion, ginger and garlic cut.

3. Add pepper, salt and cooking wine.

4. Stir evenly, seal with plastic wrap, and marinate in the refrigerator for 4 hours.

5. Remove the seeds and cut the jujube into strips, take out the chicken breast, and put the red jujube into the slit of the chicken breast.

6, air fryer cushion tin foil, brush oil, add chicken breast, brush a layer of oil on top.

7, air fryer 180 degrees, baking for 7 minutes.

8. Pull out the pan, turn it over and brush oil.

9, then bake in the pan for 7 minutes, take out and cut into pieces.

10. The display plate is finished!