Grilled Prawns with Mango and Pineapple

air fryer roasted mango pineapple prawns, simple and delicious, home children like to eat.



Prawns 500g
Mango One
Pineapple two pieces
Garlic 50g
Shallot 2
Edible Salt 1 scoop
Eteremary, pepper, olive oil One spoonful each


1. Prepare the ingredients.

2, first deal with shrimp.

3, prawns head open back, add ginger, garlic, salt, olive oil, caraway.

4. Stir evenly.

5. Seal the plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.

6. Spread tin foil into the bottom of the pan and add shrimp.

7, air fryer 180 degrees, 6-7 minutes.

8. Handle mango, cut into pieces.

9. Cut the pineapple into grains.

10. Remove the prawns from the pot.

11. String prawns with mango grains and pineapple on bamboo sticks.

12. Bake the air fryer at 180 degrees for 2 minutes.

13. Onion and green pepper pad (or not pad) is beautiful and sucks excess grease.So it can be eaten.

Prompt] You can add according to your favorite ingredients!