Chicken fries

The air fryer quickly makes delicious chicken fries, which children like to eat very much and is healthy and oil-free. Because it is a semi-finished product is very simple.



Frozen Fries 200g
Chicken nuggets 300g
tomato sauce a spoonful



1. Thaw the semi-finished products of French fries and chicken nuggets.

2. Put it into the air fryer basket.

3. I used a Biyi air fryer, which takes 200 degrees and 16 minutes.

4. Bake for 8 minutes in the middle, turn over the basket, and then continue baking for 8 minutes.

5. Similarly, put the chicken nuggets in again, at the same time as the French fries, and remember to turn them over in the middle 8 minutes.

The roast effect is good.

7. Finally, put it into a plate and dip it in tomato sauce. Children like to eat such snacks very much.