Air fryer and oven, how to choose for food?

Many people are familiar with the oven, but what the hell is this air fryer? What can it do? Can it replace the oven? Is it more functional than the oven? Maybe this is the doubt of most people. Don't worry, listen to me.

In fact, to put it bluntly: the air fryer uses a small amount of oil and hot air to bake, making you feel better than fried. The principle is that it's not hot oil that makes food cooked, it's hot air. Which one is better?

We analyze from the following aspects:

1. Volume: The air fryer is basically equal to the size of a small oven and is easy to receive.

2. Efficiency: The air fryer does not need to be preheated much, and can be produced faster. Of course, it is definitely not as fast as direct frying.

3. Price: Generally, small ovens can bake basic chicken wing meat in about 200.

4. Taste: Gas frying and oven products have different tastes. There is no better or worse, but I think one thing is that gas frying can be baked, but oven is difficult to fry.

My personal suggestion: friend, if you can only choose one, you may wish to consider a small oven first, for the following reasons:

1. Anyway, if you don't study baking, why should you spend more money on a demand that can be met by a hundred dollars.

2. Anyway, you are not in a hurry. If you bake slowly, slow down. It's just a few minutes.

3, although the oven can not be fried crisp, but the function is enough to meet your ordinary daily needs. In case you want to study cooking on a whim, the oven may be able to help you.

According to your needs, recommend several ovens with good cost performance:

Changhong Baking Oven (618 to 79 yuan)

Supor full-automatic 35L oven (hand price 269 yuan, suitable for family use)

But if you think I'm a mere oven party, you're naive. In fact, I belong to the kind of face-beating monster who owns an oven and then buys an angry one and then smells good!

The following three uses are aspects that I have experienced that feel that the performance of gas explosion is not bad:

Low-fat cooking: That's why I decided to buy a gas fry and try it. The fat that comes with the meat itself will be forced out, even if it is a vegetable, it tastes good if it is slightly coated with a layer of oil.

Re-heating fried food: the taste peak of fried food itself is the moment when it is just fried out of the pan. before, the effect of re-frying by heating in oven and microwave oven is not ideal. this is where I say gas frying is slightly better.

Moisture-proof fried goods: dry goods are especially easy to be damp and scrapped, so they will be placed in a frying pan to remove moisture and preserve the taste.

Therefore, I think the biggest advantage of the air fryer is to seek a balance between health and taste. It enriches our dining table as much as the oven steamer. From this point of view, it is also a good small kitchen appliance.

I used this anger to experience it as follows:

1. Affordable price: the original price is over 400. If you encounter various activities, the cost-performance ratio can reach the peak. Now you can also reduce the full price across stores, 300-40 yuan coupons.

2. Large capacity and convenient operation: 3-4L capacity meets daily needs, mechanical operation, only two knobs control time and temperature. No matter how large the capacity is, you can look at Li Ren's. I saw that his family had 8L and 10L, and the price was not expensive.

3. Cooking effect: fried chicken wings, roasted sweet potatoes and baked peanuts are all very gratifying. The time on the recipe is for reference only. In the early stage, everyone must rely on their own tastes and habits to find the most suitable time.

4, running sound but tolerable: cooking when there will be running sound but within the tolerable range, not noise. At most, it means to turn on an ordinary electric fan in summer. I haven't met a completely silent electrical appliance anyway.

5. Convenient cleaning: When cooking, please remember to put a tin foil and oil paper to prevent some food from sticking to the pan caused by the overflow of grease and sugar. After the food is turned off and dissipates heat, wipe it clean with a rag or something, then dry it, ventilate and put it away.

6. Price: It is suggested that the budget ceiling can be controlled at about 500. Because to really buy such things is not to see what more functions the expensive things have, but to see if the more affordable one meets your needs. This is a lesson of blood and tears from years of planting grass and stepping on thunder. Don't look at what you have, just look at what I want, probably that's what it means.