Health does not pay attention to onovartis air fryer to open "oil-free new food generation"

Although fried foods are more delicious than traditional steamed foods, they are often unhealthy in view of the large amount of oil. The listing of the air fryer has undoubtedly solved the problem that all groups want to eat fried food but are afraid of being unhealthy. It can be used in one machine for multiple purposes, making all kinds of delicious food easily, and the taste is like frying. From Germany's air fryer brand Onova is favored by consumers because of its better quality.

Founded in 1988, Onohua is a very well-known local kitchen appliance brand in Germany. 30 years of focus on kitchen appliance technology, to produce in line with consumer groups of kitchen electricity, including wall-breaking machine. Because of the good product quality and simple operation, it quickly stood out in the field of kitchen appliances after listing, and became a leading brand in the kitchen appliance industry, and became a German kitchen appliance standard committee enterprise in 1995.

It is worth mentioning that in 2014, Onova entered the Chinese market again. This is one of the few German brands to build production and R & D bases in China, and plans to invest in 150000 for the strategic development of the brand in the Chinese market. In a short period of six years, it has also become a well-known enterprise in China's kitchen appliance industry, with a production and R & D base of 500 mu, helping and participating in the preparation of China's kitchen appliance standards.

Onova Air Fryer has many advantages such as intelligent touch control, microcomputer temperature control, 360-degree circulating hot air, 4L large capacity, non-stick coating, etc. Its microcomputer temperature control can easily avoid the problem of poor taste in the production process of food. 360-degree circulating hot air can meet the demand of "frying" crispy delicious food without frying. 4L large capacity can meet the dosage of the whole family; Non-stick coating is easy to clean and does not hide dirt. Intelligent touch control is simple and convenient to operate, and the elderly and children can operate independently.

The pursuit of healthy living, we must first start from the "eat. The air fryer is very popular in the market because it does not need to be refueled, but it can produce food that does not lose "fried", and can be used to DIY various delicacies. Onova, a brand from Germany, brings advanced German manufacturing technology into the Chinese market, and is committed to producing kitchen appliances that satisfy Chinese consumers more with technology that meets European and American kitchen appliance standards. The future development is immeasurable.