Create a first-class team, become a great cause!

June, with a straightforward character, fiery feelings, heroic boldness of vision!

In this vibrant season, the "Pan 'an Plan-the First Leadership Training Camp of Biyi Business School" jointly planned by Biyi Business School, the Enterprise Empowerment Center and the planning team has come to a successful conclusion in Jianshan Town, Pan 'an! This training camp project is for a period of time.

3 days and 2 nights, the activities mainly include the following two parts:

To the opening ceremony and a wealth of cultural and sports activities, forging team cohesion.

To give lectures and brainstorming, to further improve the leadership of students.

Now, let's review these wonderful and interesting moments together!

Panan, the ready-to-go rendezvous

On the evening of June 27th, nearly 200 students from Biyi Business School successfully joined forces in the Pan'an County Industrial Park. They were divided into 4 divisions and 8 battalions, took off their work clothes during the day, and changed into camouflage. Uniform, smugly into four days and three nights of militarized management and enthusiastic fighting!

The team members get off in order, ready to go, ambitious!

The "Catch Money Dance" by the little sisters and heads of the conference team pushed the atmosphere of the venue to a climax!

After watching the movie "after the CEO", the divisions and groups actively shared their feelings of watching, and combined with the actual situation in work and life, carried out a profound reflection!


Hiking, mountaineering, merging and gathering heart

In the early morning of June 28, nearly 200 students vigorously held the oath ceremony and flag awarding ceremony at the venue, and the first leadership training camp of Biyi Business School officially opened!


Flag Presentation Ceremony

Oath Ceremony


All kinds of difficulties on the way to climb the mountain did not defeat the "comrades-in-arms" of Biyi. They measured by their legs, conquered by perseverance, gritted their teeth together, helped each other, and trampled the difficulties under their feet. Finally, they gained a supreme sense of happiness and achievement at the moment of climbing the top of the mountain! I believe that this mountaineering activity can inspire the team members' enthusiasm for competition, hard work and innovation, and encourage them not to give up easily at any time and move forward together!

Don't give up easily, teammates who move forward together.

We work together to help teammates with leg cramps

All members of the Second Division successfully climbed the top of the mountain and stepped on three continents with one foot!


Fun Game Energetic

In addition to hiking, students from Biyi Business School also played interesting team games such as jumping bag relay, crossing the river by touching stones, and fishing in troubled waters. In the hearty laughter of the students and the loud shouts of the game, the team cohesion was enhanced, and the students were also trained to keep a clear mind and keen observation at all times. Let's enjoy the students together!

Kangaroo Relay

Kangaroo Relay

All regiments cooperate to catch fish together


Lecture sharing to create a first-class team

Biyi Business School has arranged a wealth of courses for the students every day. Through the assessment in class, the sharing of corporate culture by senior executives, and leadership lectures, the students can relive the spirit of enterprise and strengthen their beliefs. After class, the students share the feelings of the day, conduct self-reflection and criticism, and further improve themselves, laying a solid foundation for building a core team with excellent ability, responsibility and style.

Hu always share feelings

Speech PK Cheng Biyi Weiye

In addition to the course, there is also a fierce speech PK mechanism. The head and teachers need to give a point-based speech around the theme given on the day and according to the experience and feelings of the training camp. On the last day, the awards of "champion division", "champion group" and "rock star" were decided, which drew a successful end to the activity.

The winning division

Biyi Training Camp Wong to Panan Newspaper

It is worth mentioning that Biyi's event was not only highly valued by the Pan'an County Party Committee, but many relevant leaders personally came to introduce Pan'an to the students; Biyi was also listed in the Pan'an News and was unanimously affirmed by the industry and abroad., Not only let more people know Biyi, understand Biyi, but also convey Biyi's spirit of perseverance and excellence. At the same time, through the training camp project, Biyi Business School appeared in the public view, popularizing the significance of enterprise business school.


"The Return of a Pot" Helps the Chinese Dream

In 2003, Biyi independently developed the first fryer and went to the world, and successfully established the world fryer kingdom. In 2018, in order to bring the concept of healthy diet back to China, Biyi resolutely joined the motherland and completed the "return of one pot". And under the strategic background of the scientific development concept of corporate talents, Biyi Business School was established in 2016, with the school motto of "learning, improvement, innovation, and change", and motivational assistance to small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises to export talents in various fields. Own responsibility, established to create more excellent Chinese manufacturing enterprises to help realize the Chinese dream.



I believe that in the future, Biyi will continue to contribute to the development and strength of Chinese enterprises, and contribute to building an enterprise that makes China proud and helps China realize its dream!