"There are characters in Zhejiang", the legendary road of Biyi fryer family

Food is the most important thing for the people. For Chinese people, food has always been an important part of life, and even ranks among the top in "food, clothing, housing and transportation". Among them, fried cooking is a traditional Chinese cooking method, with its crisp, The attractive taste and fragrance are widely favored, and the air fryer, as a new cooking tool, presents "frying" in a new way, bring healthy fried food to people with innovation.

A few days ago, Mr. Wen Jiwang, founder of Biyi Group, was invited to participate in the "People in Zhejiang" program created by China Blue TV. In the program, Mr. Wen Jiwang shared his mental process of creating Biyi Air Fryer and his unique understanding of "healthy food. Mr. Wen Jiwang said that he hopes to keep the original flavor of the food, make the food healthier and condense happiness with the food, which is the original intention of creating the Biyi air fryer.



In 1993, Mr. Wen Jiwang, with a hot pillow, responded to the call of the state and chose to go to sea to do business and start a business in the spring tide of reform and opening up. In the face of the highly competitive consumer market, he believed that the enterprise development model of "one meter wide and one hundred meters deep" was more suitable for national enterprises, so he planned to choose a good project to be refined and bigger. Considering that "eating" is an eternal topic in life, and the pot is an indispensable tool for creating delicious food, Wen Jiwang resolutely made up his mind to focus on the fryer. In 2008, Biyi made a very bold move on Wen Jiwang's "desperate bet", selling all the tens of millions of project molds as scrap iron, leaving only one project-the fryer. "Use a lifetime to make a good pot that can last a lifetime", maintaining this sense of belief, Biyi has focused on technology precipitation and product innovation for more than ten years, and has gradually developed into a famous "fryer family".

Looking back on history, in 2003, Biyi's first fryer named after the year was developed, produced and sold, and began to go to the world. Within ten years, it gradually occupied the United States, Germany and other European and American countries. With its proud sales volume, Biyi became the world's fryer kingdom in 2012, exporting 1.5 million fryers, becoming the world's largest fryer production base, and worthy of being the first in the industry and the world. For a "toddler" emerging enterprise, Biyi's achievements are enough to be proud of, but Wen Jiwang did not stop there.



As a result of being stationed in foreign markets all the year round, Wen Jiwang learned that foreign food culture is very different from domestic food culture. They pay attention to light oil and health, and their cooking methods are mainly frying, baking and boiling. The amount of oil used in the cooking process is very small. In order to pursue the beauty and health of food, Westerners prefer to serve oil-free food on the table. Therefore, air fryers are gradually becoming popular abroad.

"At that time, I was thinking, why such a good product, how no one in the country to enjoy. I want to create a domestic brand, so that the concept of healthy eating can be passed on to more people." Under the guidance of this idea, in 2015, Biyi developed and produced its own air fryer, and successfully occupied the Southeast Asian markets such as Japan and South Korea, changed the traditional way of frying heavy oil, and popularized the concept of healthier and lighter oil diet. Now it seems that Mr. Wen Jiwang has the courage and ability to make the category of "air fryer" alone in a short period of more than ten years, which is inseparable from his keen sense of smell and tenacious character. Because of the responsibility in his heart, Biyi has been sticking to his original intention for 18 years and is responsible to every consumer with high-quality products.

At the same time, Biyi insists on using the most stringent quality standards to conquer the critical eyes of every consumer, invest a lot of manpower, financial and material resources, and explore in practice to provide more rigorous and high-quality conditions for the production of air fryers. Biyi's air fryer comes from a laboratory certified by tuv Rhine in Germany. Each type of air fryer will undergo 832 cycle tests before leaving the factory, including 7 standard test points and 5 limit temperature tests. Strict production line standards make the air fryer have a very high product quality, and thus improve the visibility and reputation of the company.



"A change in cooking equipment represents that more and more Chinese people are beginning to pay attention to healthy eating. Biyi promotes air fryers, which brings people a pot suitable for contemporary Chinese people to cook healthy and delicious food." In Wen Jiwang's view, how to create a national brand in China and in its own industry and make Chinese people proud of the nation is the responsibility of every entrepreneur. Biyi always shoulders such a mission, from small to meeting the actual needs of the Chinese people as the development direction, to bringing a new concept of healthy eating to the Chinese people, Biyi's every step is down-to-earth exploration and progress.

Food is not only to satisfy the appetite. In traditional Chinese culture, food is a way to gather happiness. The family is closely reunited to share healthy and delicious food. It is exactly what Wen Jiwang has always insisted on. The concept of "food together every moment. Throughout the development process of Biyi, it has always been adhering to this concept, not forgetting its original intention, taking care of thousands of households with healthy cooking methods, and leading the development of the air fryer industry while bringing a healthy and beautiful life to the people.