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Yuyao City Leaders Inspect Biyi Electric Appliances to Fully Restore Production and Life Order

On May 28, in order to inspect the comprehensive restoration of production and living order, members of the CPPCC Chairman's Meeting, the deputy director in charge of the municipal government, the main leaders of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the director of the CPPCC Office, the director of the Economic Committee, and some CPPCC members Came to Biyi Electric for inspection and investigation.


"Biyi Electric" market transformation out of the new pace of development

At present, many foreign trade enterprises affected by the worldwide epidemic, encountered orders shortage, return orders and other problems. However, in Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, there is such a foreign trade home appliance enterprises, the first quarter sales did not drop but increased, this is why? Let's look at the report sent back by the reporter.


Air fryer skyrocketing: new outlet for the home economy? Impulse consumption pseudo-demand?

At ordinary times, I don't cook very much. I usually deal with it in the restaurant downstairs or at the gate of the community. I occasionally have dinner with friends and colleagues, or I simply go home to order takeout food. I can not only eat while chasing the play, but also pose very comfortably. On the one hand, because of the busy work, I really don't have time to make trouble in the kitchen. On the other hand, I claim that I have no interest in cooking and no cooking skills.


"Home Economy" Boosts Explosive Growth of Air Fryers Will It Become a Just-Needed Product?

The air fryer is preheated at 180 ° for 5 minutes, and the marinated chicken wings are discharged into the frying basket. The timing is about 15 minutes, and the temperature is adjusted to 180 °. The middle part only needs to be turned over once, and a plate of fried chicken wings with tender outside and inside is finished." Xiaomei, who can't cook, also practiced cooking skills during the epidemic. Relying on the air fryer, she has already eaten French fries, fried sweet potatoes, fried chicken wings, fried mushrooms and other delicacies. "Now outside restaurants don't open, want to eat the basic is very difficult to eat. In addition like to do their own food on the feeling, the reason why choose to buy air fryer is mainly to watch the food live, think good to start", Xiaomei to us points


What is an air fryer?

The air fryer uses high-speed air circulation technology to combine fast-circulating hot air with internal spiral lines, so that cooking can achieve the effect and taste of fried food. In layman's terms, when heating, high-temperature hot air will be generated in the pan to form a crisp surface layer on the surface of the food, locking the moisture inside the food materials to achieve the fragrant and crisp taste of ordinary fried food.


Air fryer and oven, how to choose for food?

Many people are familiar with the oven, but what the hell is this air fryer? What can it do? Can it replace the oven? Is it more functional than the oven? Maybe this is the doubt of most people. Don't worry, listen to me.


Yuyao Daily: "Biyi Electric" Market Transformation Out of New Pace of Development

News from our newspaper (Reporter Mao Yizhong) At the gate of the factory, container trucks came in and out, as busy as a wharf; in the workshop, pieces of products came down from the assembly line, and the workers worked hard and were busy. The epidemic has not yet been dispelled, but Ningbo Biyi Electric Co., Ltd. has shown a gratifying situation of both production and sales. "Although it was delayed for a month due to the epidemic, according to the current production and sales situation, our company can still achieve the annual sales target of 1 billion yuan." Yesterday, the deputy general manager of the company said to reporters. Founded in 2001, Biyi Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of fryers, grills and air fryers.


Health does not pay attention to onovartis air fryer to open "oil-free new food generation"

Although fried foods are more delicious than traditional steamed foods, they are often unhealthy in view of the large amount of oil. The listing of the air fryer has undoubtedly solved the problem that all groups want to eat fried food but are afraid of being unhealthy. It can be used in one machine for multiple purposes, making all kinds of delicious food easily, and the taste is like frying. From Germany's air fryer brand Onova is favored by consumers because of its better quality.


Create a first-class team, become a great cause!

June, with a straightforward character, fiery feelings, heroic boldness of vision! In this vibrant season, the "Pan 'an Plan-the First Leadership Training Camp of Biyi Business School" jointly planned by Biyi Business School, the Enterprise Empowerment Center and the planning team has come to a successful conclusion in Jianshan Town, Pan 'an! This training camp project lasts for 3 days and 2 nights. The activities mainly include the following two parts: the opening ceremony and rich cultural and sports activities, and the forging team gathers. To give lectures and brainstorming, to further improve the leadership of students. Now, let's review these wonderful and interesting moments together! ready to go


Ningbo City Leaders Visit Biyi Workshop to Feel Great Changes in Fryer Industry

On July 9, in order to investigate the impact of Sino-US trade frictions on export trade enterprises, leaders at all levels, including the mayor of Ningbo, the mayor of Yuyao, the secretary of the Party Working Committee of Fengshan Street, and the director of the Fengshan Street Office, came to the workshop of Byi Group For a visit, Mr. Wen Jiwang, chairman of Byi Group, personally accompanied the whole visit. While the leaders have an in-depth understanding of the whole process of production and processing of the fryer in the new era, they also feel the rapid progress of China's manufacturing industry. During the visit, Mr. Wen Jiwang accompanied the city leaders to visit the assembly automation workshop of Biyi one after another, and introduced the intelligent production and enterprises of Biyi to the city leaders. Cut


"There are characters in Zhejiang", the legendary road of Biyi fryer family

Food is the most important thing for the people. For Chinese people, food has always been an important part of life, and even ranks among the top in "food, clothing, housing and transportation". Among them, fried cooking is a traditional Chinese cooking method, with its crisp, The attractive taste and fragrance are widely favored, and the air fryer, as a new cooking tool, presents "frying" in a new way, bring healthy fried food to people with innovation. A few days ago, Mr. Wen Jiwang, founder of Biyi Group, was invited to participate in the "People in Zhejiang" column created by China Blue TV. In the program, Mr. Wen Jiwang shared his mental process of creating Biyi Air Fryer and his right


Ningbo TV Station Enters Biyi

On December 3, 2018, a reporter from Ningbo TV Station came to Ningbo Biyi Electric Co., Ltd. to conduct an exclusive interview with Mr. Wen Jiwang, chairman of Biyi Electric, and visited the front line of work on the spot. After our company won the champion enterprise of the 2018 China Manufacturing Annual Ceremony, it has been highly valued by the local government and media. Chairman Wen Jiwang conducted an interview with Ningbo TV Station on the current corporate development situation and future development goals. Demonstrate to reporters with air fryer oil-free French fries Ningbo Biyi Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a professional fryer, air fryer, grill production factory. The company was established in 20